Curling in Saas-Fee

The sport that is all about precision, communication and cooperation: curling . In Canada it is the people’s sport, but the Dutch are not yet hugely familiar with curling.

For inexperienced players, it is a fun and approachable game. For the practiced player, it is top sport. An ideal sport for everyone and it will put a smile on your face. It is the perfect activity to undertake in Saas-Fee.

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Curling club Saas-Fee

In Saas-Fee you play curling on a natural ice rink: Sportplatz Kalbermatten . It is a tradition in the area that they play the ice game. Spending a few hours on the ice is one of the oldest ways to enjoy winter. Lots of fun guaranteed! In addition to lots of fun, we promise that the mulled wine or apple punch after the game will taste better than ever.

At the curling club, an advanced player from the organization can give explanations in English, German or French. Do you want to prepare extra well for the game? Then read on for the basic rules of curling

Curling basic rules

The game is played on a playing field 45.72 meters long and up to 5 meters wide. There are two teams of four players who compete against each other on the course. It is important that you work well with your teammates – after all, it is a precision game. There may be team contributions to the roll that affect the outcomes of the game.

Each team has eight round granite stones at its disposal that differ in color from the other team. Alternately, a player from one of the teams will play. During the throw, great care must be taken to ensure that the stones slide. If a stone tips over or touches the side or back lines of the playing field, the throw does not count. It is also important to release the stone at the right time. The stone must land beyond a point on the playing field (hog-line) and end in front of the back line (backline). The thrown stones may remain on the playing field, they can be bounced off by other players. At the end of the game when each player has thrown two stones the score is determined based on the closest stones to the central goal.

Prices curling

In the cold months, curling can be played in Saas-Fee. You can reserve a curling lane daily during the period from mid-December to the end of February. You can reserve a lane for an hour for CHF 25.- and if you have a Saastal Card you can do so for CHF 20.-.

Where to stay in Saas-Fee

The beautiful ski area, the perfect ice rinks to play curling and high slopes with good snow conditions is not the only thing that will ensure an unforgettable vacation in Saas-Fee. A good stay in this beautiful Swiss village is not complete without a luxurious chateau where you can relax after a long day.

Saas-Fee Chatau

Our chateau penthouse offers extensive modern amenities and fantastic views of the village and surrounding mountains. After a long day you can relax here in the living room in front of the fireplace, relax in the jacuzzi or just stay active and visit the gym. There is more than enough space in the chateau penthouse for couples, small groups or families.

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