Eating & Drinking in Saas-Fee

In Saas-Fee you have good restaurants and nice eateries to choose from. Culinary enthusiasts can enjoy Swiss flavors with views of the Alps and slopes. There are more than thirty restaurants in the village where you can enjoy a variety of local specialties. To make it easy for you, we have made a small selection of the nicest restaurants in Saas-Fee.

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Good value dining in Saas-Fee

Eating out is wonderful and it makes for a fun evening, but it is an expense. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants in Saas-Fee where you can eat for a reasonable price range.


Restaurant Essstube can be found close to the center of Saas-Fee. Here they serve lunch and dinner of Swiss cuisine. The hotel-restaurant is loved by residents of the village and they can often be found here. Every day you can come here for inexpensive menus and Valais specialties. The menu also features plenty of dishes from European cuisine.

Essstube’s dishes are known for the creative way they are presented.

Da Rasso Saas-Fee

In Saas-Fee you can also eat pizza. At restaurant Da Rasso Saas-Fee you can eat excellent pizzas and pastas. For more than 100 years, the restaurant has been located in the center of the Swiss village. The menu focuses on Italian cuisine and they cook with varied seasonal products.

Swiss culinary indulgence

In Saas-Fee, there is plenty of choice of restaurants representing the national Swiss cuisine. Those looking for traditional and Valais dishes can’t believe their luck here.

Dü Saas-Fee

Enjoy a delicious dinner in the unique
fondue restaurant Dü
in Saas-Fee. In the restaurant, guests take their seats at two large tables, so you’ll be sitting at the table with other guests. In the winter season, you can go here daily for delicious traditional Valais specialties such as fondue and raclette.

In the restaurant, the wood stove serves not only to heat the room, but also to prepare the dishes.

Steakhouse Central Saas-Fee

Do you like to eat a good piece of meat? Then we can recoomend Saas-Fee Steakhouse Central. The restaurant is a true favorite in the area and has been making guests leave with a smile for years.

Our tip: put a fun twist on your evening and choose the “Heisser stein”. Then you receive the meat on a hot stone and can fry it yourself.

Mountain restaurants in Saas-Fee

The beautiful Saas-Fee is surrounded by several mountains where delicious food can be enjoyed. Outside the Swiss village in the mountains, you can go for a good lunch or a sumptuous dinner.

Glacier cave Saas-Fee

One of our favorite mountain restaurants in winter and summer is the Gletschergrotte in Saas-Fee. Delicious Valais specialties and seasonal dishes are available here in the morning and afternoon.

You reach this restaurant after a brisk walk in the mountains. This is then a great place to relax. You can also reach the restaurant on skis and snowboards. You don’t have to make reservations here!

Threesixty Saas-Fee

The world’s highest revolving restaurant, Threesixty, can be found in the Swiss region of Saas-Fee. At 3500 meters above sea level, this revolving restaurant lets you admire the entire area in less than an hour. You can enjoy the view in a unique way in this restaurant slope during a delicious dinner.

A must visit if you are in the area!

Where to stay in Saas-Fee

Would you like to stay in this beautiful Swiss area? Then check out our luxury chateau penthouse which is centrally located of the restaurants.

Here you can enjoy the luxurious amenities such as a sauna and jacuzzi in peace. The chateau has plenty of room for families, couples and small groups.